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What We've Done
Our Values

We are committed to continually improve our services within a stress-free environment and achieve our goals through teamwork.

Furthermore, we are committed to:



We build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, partners and recognized interested parties, understand their changing priorities, provide value-for-money services and ensure ultimate peace of mind.


We maintain our agility by adopting risk-based thinking and voluntarily subscribe to local and international standard for posterity.


We ensure professional growth of employees for them to render excellent service, maintain polite behavior and execute sound judgment.


We implement proper project planning and execution aided by appropriate project management tools and techniques.



Our Vision

Ecosystem Technologies International, Incorporated is the benchmark in the local industry and major player in Asia in the field of Total Water Resources Management.

Our Mission

We provide truthful, ecologically sustainable and economically viable solutions that promote the recovery, reclamation and reuse of all our God-given water resources.

Our Technology

Leveraging on its more than 20 years of experience with technology development and its extensive inventory of proprietary technologies and over 18 patents, Ecosystem pioneered the Sequence Bio Reactor (SBR) and Sequence Bio-Membrane Reactor (SBMR) technologies, among others, allowing biological recovery of multiple sources of contaminated water for potable and non-potable uses.

The high quality of effluent produced is not only fully compliant to the government’s standards but also recommended for us to preserve out natural resources. With these, Ecosystem continues to exceed client expectations as well as expand its services globally.

History & Milestones