Our Technology
ESTII Sequence Bio Reactor

Ecosystem pioneered in the Philippines the use of the Sequential Batch Reactor in used water in 1995 and in 1997 it innovated on the design to introduce the Sequence Bio Reactor (SBR).  

Our Technology
Membrane Bio Reactor

Ecosystem Technologies International, Inc. has completed the construction and successful commissioning of the US$16 Million waste water treatment facility using the most advanced membrane technology for Wyeth Philippines, Inc. (Nestle), a global manufacturer of infant formulated milk.


The Ecosystem Technologies Difference

The last word on system reliability: The first undergroud STP installation in the Philippines is for the Cebu Citilight Garden Treatment Plant in 1997, which has not required any significant repairs for its ESTII proprietary SBR tank over the past 19 years.

True technology you can rely on.

Water Treatment & Purification
  • Bulk Water Treatment and Supply
  • Specialized water source treatment:
    • Storm/Flood/Rain water
    • Ground water
    • Surface water
    • Sea water
  • Localized/Decentralized Drinking Water Supply
  • System
  • Desalination
Solid Waste Management
  • Environmental Vehicles
  • Garbage sorting
    (Separates Categories of Recyclable Materials)
  • Plastic recycling
    (Prepares Ready-to-recycle Plastic Materials)
  • Appliances recycling
    (Processes electronic appliances to yield recyclable materials)
  • Composting
    (Processes biodegradable wate into organic fertilizer)
  • Waste to Energy
    (Processes household and food waste, industrial organic waste into electricity and biogas)
Used WaterTreatment
  • Biological Treatment
    • Aerobic Process
      • Suspended Growth/Activated Sludge
        • Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)
        • Sequence Bio Reactor (Proprietary SBR)
        • Sequence Membrane Bio Reactor (Proprietary SMBR)
  • Chemical Treatment
    • Neutralization
    • Coagulation/Flocculation
    • Heavy Metal Precipitation
    • ECODAF Dissolved Air Flotation
    • Oil and Grease Removal (OG Separator)
    • Disinfection System
      • Chlorination
      • Ultira-Violet System
      • Ozonation
  • Membrane Technology
    • Micro Membrane Process
    • Ultra Membrane Process
    • Nano Membrane Process
    • Hyper Membrane Process (Reverse Osmosis)
    • Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR)
  • Bio Remediation/Bio Augmentation
  • Sludge Treatment Technology
    • Filter Press
    • Belt Press
    • Centrifuge
    • Drying Bed