Water Waste Management in the Philippines by Ecosystem Technologies

Water Waste Management in the Philippines by Ecosystem Technologies

This post was originally published at https://thecityroamer.com by Alwin Aguirre on July 28, 2018.

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We are called to save water. One of the biggest environmental concern is that water will be scarce in the future. The lack of fresh water resources is already affecting the world, including the Philippines. Hence, it’s important that water waste management is being applied. This should be done by every Filipino, and every organization in the country.

Some companies are environmentally aware and are doing just that. Ecosystem Technologies Inc, a pioneer in water waste management, has been helping these companies in making it happen. With over 20 years of experience, the company has been providing solution to recycle and reuse contaminated water. Rain water, sewage water, flood water, among others, can be recycled. And when that happens, consumption of fresh water is reduced.


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According to Water.org, 9 million Filipinos lack access to safe water. That’s a lot, and that’s something to be concerned about. Apparently, fresh water is also being consumed for industrial purposes, making water for personal consumption such as drinking, cooking, and bathing becoming less accessible to the common people. Reducing use of fresh water for industrial use will help alleviate the water shortage issue.

Okada Manila Dancing Fountain. Photo Credit Okada Manila

Okada Manila, with its huge requirements for water in its operation tapped the expertise of Ecosystem. The resort and casino has an artificial lagoon and dancing fountain which uses Ecosystem’s technology to avoid water waste.

Photo Credit Amanpulo Resort

Luxury resort Amanpulo in Palawan also has a water reclamation facility built by Ecosystem Technologies that gather contaminated water that’s treated and recycled. Nothing is dumped to the sea, maintaining the clean and clear waters surrounding the resort in Pamalican Island.

Other organizations and establishments such as the Capitol Common in Pasig, SM Aura Premiere, the US Embassy, Saint Lukes Medical Center in Taguig, just to name a few, has sought the expertise of Ecosystem.

The 600 projects completed by Ecosystem is an indication that there is an effort to manage water waste. The company holds 10 patents for its technology, two of the patents are finalist to the 2017 Philippine Intellectual Property Awards, presented by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines.

If more organization, including the local government unit, would have a way to manage water waste, the Philippines is on its way to eliminating water shortage and more Filipinos will have access to fresh water for critical consumption. The technology is already available in our country as proven by Ecosystem Technologies Inc.  All it takes is tapping into the available resources and also educating every Filipinos about water waste management and we’ll be able to minimize the impact of water shortage.

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