Inspired by the vision of our founding President, Dr. Robert Y. So, we see clear waters, verdant forests and fresh air as our gifts to our children for the greater Glory of God Almighty. Ecosystem Technologies was founded to make this future a reality.


We are committed to continually improve our services within a stress-free environment and achieve our goals through teamwork.

Furthermore, we are committed to:


We build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, partners and recognized interested parties, understand their changing priorities, provide value-for-money services and ensure ultimate peace of mind.


We maintain our agility by adopting risk-based thinking and voluntarily subscribe to local and international standard for posterity.


We ensure professional growth of employees for them to render excellent service, maintain polite behavior and execute sound judgment.


We implement proper project planning and execution aided by appropriate project management tools and techniques.


Ecosystem Technologies International, Incorporated is the benchmark in the local industry and major player in Asia in the field of Total Water Resources Management.


We provide truthful, ecologically sustainable and economically viable solutions that promote the recovery, reclamation and reuse of all our God-given water resources.


Leveraging on its more than 20 years of experience with technology development and its extensive inventory of proprietary technologies and over 18 patents, Ecosystem pioneered the Sequence Bio Reactor (SBR) and Sequence Bio-Membrane Reactor (SBMR) technologies, among others, allowing biological recovery of multiple sources of contaminated water for potable and non-potable uses.


The high quality of effluent produced is not only fully compliant to the government’s standards but also recommended for us to preserve out natural resources. With these, Ecosystem continues to exceed client expectations as well as expand its services globally.


Ecosystem Founder Robert Y. So (RYS) introduced Ozone and Ultraviolet technologies for water treatment in the Philippines.


Ecosystem founded, and introduced the Sequencing Batch Reactor technology in the Philippines amidst severe skepticism from the consultants and competitors at the time.


First underground installation of a used water treatment plant in the Philippines — undertaken at the Cebu City Light Garden Condominium in Lahug, possible due to the first generation of Ecosystem’s Sequence Bio Reactor, a proprietary technology that does not emit harmful Hydrogen Sulfide gas.


Non potable reuse of waste water achieved for the first time in the Philippines, enabling De La Salle University to reuse wastewater for its football field care and maintenance.

Successful retrofit of a failed treatment plant in SM Pampanga into a Sequence Bio Reactor, using no additional space while reducing energy consumption by 50%


Philippine Government enacts the Clean Water Act, criminalizing the discharge of untreated wastewater to public drainage, and natural bodies of water.

Using Ecosystem treatment plants, SM Malls started reusing waste water for toilet flushing, grounds keeping, plant care, and cooling towers, a practice that will lead to over 4 million cubic meters of recycled water in 2016 alone.


Completed and exceeded over 100 design and build projects.

After serving over a decade of severe skepticism and ridicule towards the Sequencing Batch Reactor technology, consultants start prescribing the technology for projects, and the competitors all suddenly claim to have expertise on the design and construction of SBR treatment plants


RYS was cited as one of nine “Most Inspiring Biotech Entrepreneurs” and was conferred this biotech award by the GoNegosyo organization for pioneering the use of biotechnology in used water treatment and for Ecosystem’s contribution in the development of biotechnology in the Philippines.


Completed the design and installation of the first Membrane Bio Reactor treatment facility in the Philippines; with over 500 analytical instrumentation integrated with a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system it was at this time the most advanced used water treatment plant in the Philippines.


Joined the ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation in partnership in its Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig Program to rehabilitate the Pasig River, as water technology consultant for the program. He remains a member of the Board of Advisers of the program, Bantay Kalikasan.


Founder RYS is awarded the patent for Method of Harvesting & Treatment of Contaminated Floodwater.


Honored by Asia CEO Awards as Technology Company of the Year.

Conferred the certificate for ISO 9000:2001 for Quality Management.

Exceeded 500 complete design and build projects


Turned over a donation of a 3rd Generation Sequence Bio Reactor to the City of Manila in cooperation with the ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation. The 3rd Gen SBR is the Estero de Paco Water Reclamation Facility located by the Paco Public Market.

Engr. So donated a 250 cu. m/day capacity Water Reclamation Facility (featuring a 3rd generation SBR) located along Estero de Paco, to the City of Manila, in support of the efforts to rehabilitate the Pasig River, involving not only Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig, but also the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission.


Launched joint venture with Metropac Water Investments, Inc., joining the Metro Pacific Investments Corp. family towards making the Philippines a center of excellence in water technology and sharing the technology to the ASEAN region.


Completion of the Combined Water Recovery Facility and Desalination Plant for the Okada Manila resort along Manila Bay. Treating a total of 10 million liters of water every day, from waste water from operations, as well as sea water from Manila Bay, this facility is now the most advanced water treatment technology deployed in the Philippines.