Ecosystem pioneered in the Philippines the use of the Sequential Batch Reactor in used water in 1995 and in 1997 it innovated on the design to introduce the Sequence Bio Reactor (SBR).

Ecosystem’s SBR uses an advanced “hybrid” sequencing batch process using sophisticated biotechnology and molecular tools for microbial applications for used water treatment, wherein specific selected and effective bacteria species are propagated in conditions simulating natural settings inside the reactor. The SBR strictly provides a perfect quiescent setting condition ideal for effective solids separation and liquid clarification. A Plug Flow process, it guarantees complete treatment without short-circuiting. Each unit is designed to treat a specific type of contaminated water, with unique measurable characteristics.


The process is completely free of emitting toxic and flammable gases such as ammonia nitrate, and especially hydrogen sulfide. This allows the SBR to be constructed underground.